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Gunman Fires On Paris Synagogue

bulA bullet fired from an air gun crashed through a window of a Paris synagogue’s office, according to French media reports.

The rabbi and his assistant were in the David Ben Ichay Synagogue in Belleville, Paris, when the bullet was fired on Monday night.

French police reportedly are searching for two suspects who were outside the synagogue about 10 minutes before the attack, the JSSNews website reported. There were no reports of any injuries.

The latest attack comes as French Prime Minister Manuel Valls vowed to step up security nationwide following three successive, apparently unrelated bloody attacks.

(Source: News AU)

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  1. And once again, this was not a terrorist attack. the gunman was certainly heard yelling Allah hu Akbar right before he shot the place up, but that was just him trying to gain courage not to state his religiosity or his terrorist persuasion. (Please refer to yesterday’s report on NON-terrorist attacks all over France in one single day).
    yes, by golly, it’s a great time to live in France!

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