Margi: There are No Negotiations to Return Yishai to Shas


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yishShas MK Yaakov Margi issued a statement denying media reports that negotiations are continuing towards bringing Eli Yishai back to Shas. Margi, who is very close to Yishai, stated there are no talks because bringing him back to Shas is not an option at this point. He stated he is not aware of any efforts to turn back the clock.

Margi’s words are echoed by persons close to Yishai and his Ha’Am Itanu party, insisting they Yishai is running with his new party and a return to Shas is not an option that is under consideration.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. STAY STRONG, chazek v’chazek!!

    Yishai is the path of Maran & numbers will be evident! Listen to those in the streets, in Machane Yehuda, in Porat Yosef and Sefardic kehillos.

  2. I don’t understand what anyone sees in Deri, why is there still support for him by rabbonim?
    Why didn’t they fire him a long time ago?
    — I actually would love an answer… those aren’t rhetorical Q’s?