MORE DRAMA: Aryeh Deri Resigns From Knesset – All Shas MK’s Announce They Are Resigning As Well


deriDespite the Shas Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah rejection of Aryeh Deri’s resignation, Shas chairman Aryeh Deri has submitted his letter of resignation from the Knesset to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on Tuesday evening at 7:30PM. This comes just two days after being discredited in video recordings released to the media showing Maran HaRav Ovadia Yosef zt”l slamming Deri.

Prior to his announcement of commitment to resign he explained “It is a most difficult time”.

Deri’s resignation has no practical significance since the Knesset has already dissolved ahead of the March 17, 2015 elections.

The latest move by Deri came after he submitted his resignation to the Shas Moetzes Geolei Hatorah the night before, which they rejected.

His letter of resignation can be found below:



  1. I feel bad for Deri, but this is for the best. I hope this isn’t a political ploy.
    Hopefully now Shas will stop criticizing Yishai, and all will be great….

  2. Shas would be well advised to join Yahadut ha-Torah (from which they originally sprang) to for a united hareidi list. Otherwise Sefardi hareidim may be inclined to skip voting.

  3. The resignation is meaningless as the Knesset is in recess and elections are 10 weeks away. This is classic Deri. He can’t respond to the substance of what we all heard and saw on the videotape so he is creating some melodrama to shift attention away from it. He hopes that people will feel sorry for him and forget for a moment what a villain he is.

  4. #4, I have been saying that all along. Power corrupts. there is no need for a separate sephardi party. all Haredim should join together and stop this nonsense.

  5. #7

    Not so simple!

    Just like the “working Charedim” feel no representation from the UTJ party, the Torahdik Sefardic Charedim’s goals, aspirations, mosdos will be absorbed and lost in the UTJ agenda. When and IF the Charedi party is willing to listen, understand and comprehend that the Charedi world is NOT homogeneous – then and only then can a UNITED FORCE be organized.

  6. #9: This is all happening because Shas has deviated from HaRav Shach zt’l’s instructions. Indeed, Deri has apologized once to Rav Shach for disobeying him.

  7. #9 A gadol b’yisroel understands that the Sefardim are a Toradik kehilla with its culture, minhagim, hasagoes, way of life that is not duplicated or reflected in the Litvish olam. Kol hakavod for Torah differences!!

  8. To #9:

    My, how times have changed since Maran Rav Schach ZT”L pushed Rav Yitzchok Peretz to start Shas.

    Shas has now become a leaderless pile of garbage with all their alter egos on display for the whole world to watch unfold! Rabbi’s Amnon Yitschok & Chiam Amselam were correct in their honest assessment of how sleazy Shas is run! Deri, Yishai and all the rest of that crew are finished as far as any deserved respect is concerned! None of their splinter groups will receive the mandated 4 seats to get in. All for waste. What a sad day in their history. Good bye. Good riddance!

  9. The next to resign is the one who should of resigned the first eli yishai he stared his party for no reason other then his koved and nothing more I can’t think of any other reason, r’ ovdia didn’t make him leader even he didn’t like deri but he had reason why he made him so live with it, so it’s about time yishai should go he would of never opened a party when r’ ovdia was a live so why do it now he was officially his rabbi

  10. My point is that the Sephardim are no longer a second rate minority,and just like there are two factions in the UTJ, there is room for a third. I know it’s not simple, but it’s possible.

  11. rejection of Aryeh Deri’s resignation If someone wishes to resign and go out of commission, how can anyone force that person to remain in a job against his will?

  12. Deri is afraid of what NEXT will come out of the “black-box”. He knows something that we dont know yet and he’s probably hoping that we wont!

  13. ok here’s the plan.

    Let’s form a single Torah list. Say there are 4 religious parties a, b, c and d with reps in the knesset. based on their current number of reps, prepare a list based on the the current number of mk’s from most seats to least seats, say b, a, d, c. the list for the election would then choose candidates from the parties like this: b,a,d,c,b,a,d,c,b,a,d,c,b,a,d,c, etc. This would yield the greatest number of mk’s and we would loose only minimally to “rounding.”

    Suppose party “a” wants to vote no confidence and party “b” does not want to vote no confidence. the mk’s would vote according to the interest of their sub-parties.

    the chilonim profit from our disunity. dayeinu!

    mi Hashem alai!

  14. From the video it was evident that Deri’s return was something that the Yosef family feared. It was also evident that rav ovadia despised him. So what changed? In hebrew yamim yagidu., time will tell and additonal videos will come out. People are wondering who is responsible for the release of the tapes and many are blaming Eli Yishai. But Deri has many detractors and may have used this time to pounce.