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Yerushalayim: Rabbonim to Launch Eruv Hotline Due to Snow Storm

eruvJerusalem Chief Rabbis HaRav Aryeh Stern Shlita and HaRav Moshe Shlomo Amar Shlita released a message regarding the city’s eruv. They rabbonim call on residents to report any breaks in the eruv. The rabbonim have established a hotline number, 02-621-4800, urging residents to report issues with the eruv.

The rabbonim also report that restaurants and food establishments that remain open during the storm do have hashgacha as required. The rabbonim cite the kashrus unit is doing everything possible to reach restaurants that are operating in the storm but due to logistical limitations, consumers are urged to maintain a watchful eye.

The rabbonim turn to rabbis of shul and kehillas in the city to monitor their congregants and be cognizant regarding which residents require special attention and see to it that they receive the assistance they require. They stress this applies to all residents, not just those attending shul.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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