Cuomo Proposes Restrictions On Electronic Cigarettes


ecigGov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed banning electronic cigarettes from all the public indoor places where smoking tobacco is prohibited.

In the budget proposal for the coming year, Cuomo would also prohibit e-cigarette marketing that targets children.

According to the governor’s office, there is “little quality control” on the production of the devices or the nicotine liquids they use and “significant health and safety concerns” about them.

Among those concerns is a federal study showing more than 250,000 youths who had never smoked before used electronic cigarettes in 2013.



  1. Some leading health organizations like Cancer Research UK and Action on Smoking & Health oppose bans on indoor vaping. There is no evidence for dangers given the extremely low levels of toxicants, and there is concern about removing an incentive for smokers to switch to the significantly lower risk product.

    The American Heart Association opposes indoor e-cigarette use, but on theoretical grounds that it can re-normalize smoking. The secondhand exposure is not really their concern.