Arabs Attack Avreichim in Haifa


hamasnArab youths, some masked, entered the chareidi neighborhood of Haifa and began to assault avreichim while yelling “slaughter the Jews” in Arabic. Some of the attackers were apprehended during a police chase.

According to reports, at about 23:30 on Sunday night the eve of 6 Shevat, the group arrived carrying clubs, slingshots, stones and other items capable of inflicting pain and injury. One Sanzer chossid leaving shul following a daf yomi shiur was targeted. He was struck in his face with a club while others assaulted him elsewhere. He shouted for assistance and B’chasdei Hashem managed to flee the attackers.

Chareidi auxiliary police (Mishmar Ezrachi) were contacted and they began trying to track down the attackers as police units responded to the scene. Five attackers, all relatives, were apprehended. They are 10-16-years-old. They explained they were restoring family honor as a family member who walked through the community of late was insulted. Haifa Police Chief Avi Edri explained “it appears to be a dispute and not a simple nationalistic attack as it appears”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Where is security or police authority?

    The time has arrived for all communities to have their own SHOMRIM chevrah to supervise and oversee security of their own neighborhoods. Enough is enough!