Rockets Fired from Syria into the Golan Heights [UPDATED 2:40 PM IL]



14:40: The Mount Hermon ski lodge will remain closed until further notice following the rocket attacks from Syria.

14:22: Residents of northern Israel are instructed to step down from the alert and resume normal activities.

14:05: IDF Spokesman Peter Lerner tells the foreign press the rocket attack was intentional, not spillover from Syrian civil war

14:02: The location of two rockets fired from Syria were located near the Israeli Syrian border. B’chasdei Hashem there are no deaths or injuries reported.

  • The IDF responded with 20 artillery shells, which the Syrians report led to two deaths and an unspecified number of injuries.

13:43: el-Manar, Hizbullah-affiliated news reports that IAF planes are hovering in the area of the border.

13:37: The Syrians are reporting a number of causalities from IDF retaliatory artillery fire.

  • Police are closing off a number of road leading to the northern Golan Heights.
  • The sirens were heard in Sirens were heard in El ram, Bukata, Majdal Shams, Massadah, N’vei Ativ, Nimrod and Ein Kenya

13:29: Residents in communities in which the explosions were heard are instructed to remain in shelters or safe rooms.

13:18: The IDF has ordered evacuating the Mount Hermon ski lodge as well as border areas in light of the rocket attack from Syria. B’chasdei Hashem at present, there are no reports of fatalities, injuries or damage.

13:14: At least four rockets were fired from Syria with at least two landing in N. Israel. No injuries are being reported at this time. IDF artillery is responding at this time.

13:11: The Mt. Hermon ski lodge has been evacuated at it is now reported at least one rocket fired into N. Israel impacted in that area.

13:07: Golan Heights residents’ reporting they heard explosions, signaling rockets fired from across the border may have landed in northern Israel.

13:06: Rocket launches from Syria were detected. Officials are seeking to determine if rockets landed in N. Israel or possibly in Syria.

13:01: Sirens were heard in Har Dov, Majdal Sham and the Hermon Ski lodge. There are reports that “explosions” were heard.

12:55: The IDF Homefront Command confirms that sirens sounded in a number of Golan Heights communities a short time ago. The possible attack is being investigated to determine if rockets were fired into northern Israel from across the border.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)