VIDEO: Brutal Arrest of a 9-Year-Old at Kiryat Arba Evacuation



Three siblings were arrested while using unjustifiable violence against them on Sunday 12 Shevat as the IDF destroyed the Hebron district at a Kiryat Arba area outpost. Police were met with resistance and three brothers, ages 14, 12 and 9 were taken into custody.

Family members expressed outrage, thankful that someone managed to video some of the violence used against the unarmed children, adding they were also beaten. Paramedics who treated the brothers report there was also a fear that one may have sustained a fractured arm.

Those present report the 9-year-old was beaten and the 12-year-old may have sustained a fracture. Honenu attorneys are handling the case.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Milchemet Achim – It’s happening between the mitnachalim and the IDF soldiers, it’s happening in Ponevez Yeshiva, it’s happening in the Shas party.

    Will we ever learn from our mistakes?

  2. I may sound extreme but I almost feel that if Jewish soldiers and policemen can act with such viciousness towards CHILDREN, then perhaps we deserve to be “distracted” by Palestinian violence so we can unite as one. It is the one time when we unite as one nation.