Police Complaint Filed Against HaRav Shalom Cohen


Cohen, Rav ShalomA young chareidi male, B.G., who is known for his fondness of filing police complaints against chareidim, has filed an official police complaint against HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita, for calling on talmidei yeshivos to work for the Shas election campaign. The young man also turned to the Central Election Committee and the IDF following a call from Rav Cohen to talmidei yeshivos affiliated with Shas to come out and work for the party ahead of elections for 20th Knesset.

The young man explains that talmidei yeshivos who received a deferment from military service may not work and leaving beis medrash to actively campaign for a political party is a violation of the law. He points out that the law demands that talmidim devote all of their time to limud and that they do not take any position in return for monetary remuneration.

In his complaints, B.G. quotes Rav Cohen, who heads Shas’ Moetzas Gedolei Hatorah saying “עת לעשות לה’” in regarding to working for a Shas success in the 20th Knesset elections. He quotes Rav Cohen telling bnei yeshivos to hit the campaign trail immediately after Purim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This kid actually has a point (but not to sue anyone for this) that if you are a Yeshiva Bochur you should sit and learn and not go out and be involved in politics.

  2. HaRav’s predecessor used to be much more vocal than this

    B.g. is almost surely on the police’s payroll solely for this purpose:to stir trouble