Hikind, Lander Meet To Resolve Community issue


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hlAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) met with NYC Councilman Brad Lander this morning at Hikind’s home to discuss a variety of community issues, including transportation matters, such as overnight layovers for yeshiva school buses, and delays due to simultaneous school bus runs and sanitation pick-ups. The two elected officials also went over matters revolving around the city budget and how proposed items will impact the community.

“It’s all about getting things done,” said Hikind, who also recently met with NYC Councilman Carlos Menchaca regarding similar issues of concern to the community. “Working together is the key to accomplishing our community’s needs. Councilman Lander is a leader on the New York City Council and is respected by everyone. I look forward to working with him, as I have in the past, to accomplish great things for our community.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. NONESENSE!!!! How many times have they discussed the problem of the Sanitation trucks and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been accomplished. They’re still out there at the same time as the school buses and causing gridlock.

    Please do NOT come back to us until the issue is resolved. I’m tired of seeing politicians posing for pictures for nothing done!!!!

  2. It’s not just the sanitation trucks, but the double parking and the school busses that stop every three houses on a block even picking up kids after 10:15 in the morning. Limiting the stops to one per block and using downsized busses would solve some of the problem.

    Is there a reason that double parking during street cleaning is allowed in Boro Park while it is not in the 70th Precinct of Flatbush. The cars in Flatbush seem to find a place to park enabling to busses get through the blocks and their streets are clesaner than in Hikind’s Boro Park district.

  3. Lets talk about real issues. 1)Like housing for the next generation. Housing programs that can help the needy in the time of need.2)safety @ security in our community in these trouble times.3)Educational programs that can protect @ enhance are teenager in our community.4)To enhance special needy programs for disabled children.I think it time to get serious with the needs of the people. Avrohom kahn.