‘Mr. Netanyahu, 6 Million Holocaust Victims Thank You for Traveling to Washington’


bibThe “Our Eretz Yisrael” organization released a message of support for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as he prepares to give his controversial address to the United States Congress.

“All of Am Yisrael stands behind you as you embark on your trip to Washington for your shlichus to save Am Yisrael from another Holocaust. The lesson from the Holocaust is that we may not remain silent as Jewish leaders’ 75 years ago suppressed the wave of protest against Washington and the United States Government permitted Nazi Germany to bring millions of Jews to the gas chambers and death camps. This was the case with the world media too, including the media in control of the Jews.

“Six Million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and we thank you for traveling to Washington so our cry is heard regarding the future in addition to reminding the world of the terrible failure of the past, allowing the genocide of the Jews as the world turned a blind eye” stated Rav Shalom Dov Wolpe, Chairman of the Our Land of Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There is a saying: “The ones that incited the fire shouldn’t get credit as rescuers”

    The Zionists incited the antisemitism back then, and here the come again hashem yishmor

    Bibi, you are NOT talking in the name of Am Yisroel, but only in the name of fanatic zionists, who already did so many damage to Am yisroel

  2. “Lev melochim biyad hashem” How much hishtadlus we must do (should bibi go) is for a rov to decide, but things like, “Obama’s leading us to another holocaust” “6 million holocaust victims thank (Bibi)” should not be said, it’s Hashem who runs the world, and brings punishment when He sees fit.

    We shall all see the geula speedy in our days, and we should not need another holocaust R”L.

  3. All of Am Yisrael stands behind you is a correct assertion, because anyone who doesn’t stand behind Binyamin Netanyahu, is Poresh Min haTzibur and ceases to be identified with Am Yisrael.