BREAKING: Lakewood ‘Industrial Park’ Including One Jewish Girls School Evacuated For Bomb Threat [9:10AM]


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lThe “Industrial Park” area of Lakewood, NJ, has just been evacuated due to a bomb threat. The Lakewood Police Department is currently on the scene at 170 Oberlin Avenue awaiting the Bomb Squad. Numerous businesses are located in the Industrial Park area. There is at least one Frum school there as well.

The area has been evacuated, and emergency personnel are staging at the scene.



  1. Its the most moronic thing to take these bomb threats seriously 1. if someone planted a bomb he wouldnt want you to know about it 2. can anyone point to case were a bomb threat was found to be legitimate? i cant recall one, by taking these anonymous call seriously we are allowing nut jobs to reek havoc on our lives

  2. ill say it again, the #1 issue the frum community should be worried about is safety esp at our children’s schools! we pay enough taxes and we pay tuition without government help.. the government both local and federal should hire armed security for every school in the USA