With Pesach time here, and all members of the family on the lookout for something to eat and for something to read, Israel Bookshop is proud to present our newest collection of fresh-off-the-press kosher l’Pesach books. We’ve got something for everyone–every age, every interest–and once you’ve chosen your picks, you can be sure that your Pesach is going to be well enhanced.

For the little ones, we’ve got I Can’t Fall Asleep, about a boy named Moish, who can’t seem to stay in bed at night, until he finally learns the importance of keeping to his bedtime and getting enough sleep; Hashem’s Candy Store, which is all about the amazing benefits of eating Hashem’s delicious fruits and vegetables; and The Time Is Now!, an adorable story about Ben, who learns the middah of zrizus from baking Pesach matzos. We also have two MiddosMan puzzles, each 24 pieces and depicting a scene from MiddosMan Volume 1 and Volume 2.


Moving up in age, there’s a lot in store for your tweens and teens, too. 23 Under 1 Roof: Volume 3 is the latest book in a bestselling series about the large and quite hilarious Schneider family. West of the Nile is an exciting and suspenseful historical novel about Yitzy, an ordinary yeshivah kid who goes back in time, to Mitzrayim at the time of the makkos. Operation K.T. is a treasury of short stories by long-time-beloved Olomeinu writer, Rabbi Zevulun Weisberger z”l. Between Teens is a collection of true stories and experiences of different teens, written by Sarah Massry.

Let’s not forget the two new Haggadahs we have, which are sure to become instant hits in the family. Have an Olomeinu Pesach is a Pesach compilation of the original pages of Olomeinu magazine–stories, divrei Torah, and lots more, INCLUDING a beautiful and eye-catching Haggadah Shel Pesach. Haggadah Shel Pesach–Living Lessons is a unique Youth Haggadah which, aside from boasting gorgeous illustrations and an array of fascinating insights and tidbits, also features a blended translation-explanation of each and every line of the Haggadah.


When it comes to adult reading material, the list is quite impressive. If you’re looking for stimulating Torah ideas, you’ll want to check out the amazing Gems from the Nesivos Sholom on Pirkei Avos. For inspiration on tefillah, there’s Portraits of Prayer, which is brimming with stories on the siddur to bring your tefillos alive. You might be interested in a halachah sefer, on the many halachic topics that come up at this time of year. In that case, you’ll want to read Kitzur Halachos: Pesach, by Rabbi Zev Hofstedter.  Odyssey of a Revolution, which provides an up-close look at the development of the Dirshu movement and how it has impacted Klal Yisrael worldwide, is also filled with lots of inspiration, not to mention a slew of absolutely stunning pictures of many gedolei Yisrael.

For those interested in novels and reading books, we have plenty. There’s Hostage, a thriller by talented novelist Esther Toker; The Decree, a historical novel set during the Persian rule, by Sarah Feldbrand; Risky Game, which is based primarily on a true story, by Levi Yitzchak Keevak; Modeling Clay, a gripping read by Rochel Braverman; A Fragile Thread, by popular author Yael Mermelstein; Moving Targets, a suspense novel by Zipporah Shlanger; and Ready to Fly, a book of short stories by beloved writer Batya Ruddell.

All in all, as you can see, we’ve got you covered for this Pesach season (and we don’t mean with silver foil!). So sit back, relax, and enjoy the freedom of Zman Cheiruseinu… Happy reading!



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