VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Zaka Operating at Germanwings Crash Site



At the request of the family of Israeli victim Eyal Baum, Lufthansa paid for a team of Zaka volunteers from Israel to help in the search and recovery efforts at the site. The 8 man team from Zaka Israel, together with volunteers from Zaka France, were helicoptered into the crash site, where they immediately set up a Zaka command center and began working, in cooperation with the local and international recovery teams.

ZAKA delegation head Mati Goldstein, “Our mission is to ensure a full Jewish burial for Eyal Baum, and to assist the international teams in the search and recovery efforts. It is difficult terrain to cover, but we are prepared to work for as long as it takes.”

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why are they flying El Al Business Class instead of Lufthansa? LH paid for them to fly with another airline instead of just giving them seats; doesn’t make sense. Still nice way to get some extra training for the ZAKA guys.