The TRUE Story Behind The Photo of The Reisman’s Cookie That Has Gone Viral


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IMG-20150407-WA0120A photo that went viral on social media on Tuesday has caused much grief for a business that has been servicing the Frum community for more than 50 years. The photo in question was taken on Tuesday morning in JFK Airport. The photo shows a Reisman’s “Black and white cookie”, which was displayed by a vendor in the airport. On the package, it says in Yiddish “Gebaken Noch Pesach” (Baked after Pesach 5775). The photo spread like wildfire on Social media (Whatsapp, Twitter etc). Voice notes began spreading in the name of Rabbonim, and eventually a fictitious letter – along with a forged signature surfaced as well.

One bogus letter even claimed that an individual took responsibility for what he called a bad joke and had photoshopped the image.

YWN spoke with Shia Friedman of Reisman’s Bakery to inquire what transpired.

Despite many statements currently viral on WhatsApp, the following is the only statement put out by Reisman’s Bakery regarding this issue:

Reisman’s Bakery sent an order to a vendor at JFK airport a few days before Pesach. Labels that were meant to be used after Pesach were mistakenly put onto a total of 24 “Black & White Cookies”. Minutes after hearing of this error, a representative of the bakery ran to the airport to ensure that these items were immediately disposed of. Other than these 24 pieces, all other products that will have the label “gebaken noch Pesach” will indeed be baked after Pesach.

We have become aware that people are circulating letters allegedly signed by us. Any letter other than the above statement did not originate from Reismans Bakery.

We respectfully request that people stop writing false letters using our company name. Even if you have good intentions, we prefer to speak the truth. Thank you.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)



  1. Only question is do I believe them? I want to hear from an outside source -a third party that has no vested interest- to confirm their claim. I think an independent investigation is in order.

  2. Without knowing the names of any specific vendors, stories like this occur every year. I had a chaver whose business was next door to a grocery. He reported to me that he witnessed deliveries of baked products labeled baked after Pesach (in Yiddish) almost every year. I have not heard this testimony for a few years now. But the story here does not surprise me. I do not consider the company mentioned here any different from countless others. Probably for this very reason, there are many who only eat home baked products for several weeks after Pesach.

  3. It’s an interesting story nonetheless. An honest company and an honest mistake garners so mush attraction.
    My wonder is regarding the Shaymos trucks before Pesach. That whole story died out so quickly – no interest in that story!

  4. very responsible and honest article. Although a bit interesting that labels should be handed out before the product itself is really baked after pesach….. interesting decision…. but as ywn has stated; they’ve been honestly (as I agree) been servicing our community and anything else besides for the statements out by the company is a real sheila in hilchos shmiras halashon…. it can have grave consequences…..

  5. These labels were probably in a box ready for after pesach when they start baking. When a order went out to JFK a worker probably took labels from the wrong box. When Reisman’s Bakery heard about it they immediately ran to take it off the shelf. They are a reliable company for over 50 years.
    Stop the loshon hard!

  6. There is no reason for this gossip. If someone has concerns call the OU they give the hechsher on reismans and ask if they’re concerned and/or investigate it

  7. Amazing how the act of one fool can ruin the reputation of an honest company. The fact is, they sold their Chometz, so what difference does it really make when it was baked?

  8. A manager for one of the big Boro Park supermarkets told me “Do you think the baked goods we sold in the chometz is thrown out. We sell it after Shavuos.”

  9. I personally know Shia…he is the most straightforward honest guy you’ll ever meet. I have no reason to believe there was anything intentional or suspicious about what happened. For those who chose to badmouth him or Reisman’s, remember that you will need to answer to a higher authority later.

  10. It’s an honest mistake. People, get over it, big deal. Don l’kaf zchus is not a hidur or a chumra. It’s an absolute chiyuv. And it’s not too much of a stretch to see how an honest mistake could be made. Obviously no one is going to wait until after Pesach to receive a delivery of such labels. I’m sure they took the utmost care to make sure that those labels were stored separately and securely. Somehow, some employee used them, whether negligent or otherwise, but the company most certainly did not do this knowingly.

  11. Come on !let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.besides ,a big company like reismans can’t possibly get away with something like that .it was an accident. Ps:don’t you dare start up with jumbo cookies.the worlds a much safer place with them

  12. Someone please explain why they should be believed. & why should we believe that there are only 24 pieces out there with bad labels. It sounds lithe a very convenient answer.

  13. It makes sense that they would have the labels preprinted and ready to go for Motzai Yom Tov.

    It makes sense that a last second order came in that they were able to fill. It could be this is a good customer, one where even if they had nothing left, it would have been worth their while to make a small batch for one customer.

  14. Hey Babakama. The labels were not handed out.they were made be used after pesach..and by mistakethey were used b4 pesach.
    I domt u read the statememt correctly

  15. The Reisman’s are a very erlich family and has been serving our community for many years. They have a chezkas kashrus and thier letter is certainly true

  16. They would have nothing to gain by giving out these labels on purpose, besides heart ache, these labels are preprinted before Pesach, it’s a mistake that unfortunately happens, a goy working the machine or even a yid can overlook and take the wrong labels, this was definitely a mistake,

  17. Interesting that the “anti Loshon hara” crowd didn’t share their same concern when it came to spreading lies about Tropicana OJ. Oh right, Tropicana is not a “Heimisha” Company so its Muttar.

  18. i dont get it….
    its not even a comparison to say lashon hara vs chametz after pesach…. they do a mechiras chametz, its not a shailla at all.. what do they even stand to gain to ‘lie’ and put theses stickers on?!?!

  19. Pardon my ignorance but the statement says they went to recover the 24 pieces. If they recovered the pieces how did the Photographer see them on sale? Would we have known about the problem if the photo would not have gone public?

    Moderators Note: The photo was taken by a traveler passkng through JFK.

  20. “Mistake or no mistake” loshon hora or not” It’s still quite dodgy why they made this mistake right before Pesach, while they were officially preparing the ones baked for after Pesach, but then again you can’t give them a bad name “don l’kaf zchus.

  21. Elyatt, did you think that through? Of course those labels exist well before chag. No company waits until after chag to order new, post-chag, labels. That’s just silly. It seems this was human error, where a worker picked up a few labels that weren’t supposed to be used yet, and used them. The response is very much on the up and up. Instead of some rambling excuse, they admit making a mistake. Pretty rare and commendable.

  22. Had this “bochur” had some brains and feeling for another’s heartache, he would have contacted Reisman’s directly or at least one of their own balei hechsher, instead of going to someone in lakewood who was not responsible and spread this all over the media (unbelievable it’s on the Israeli news websites) yes, he should have gone to them directly,!! it’s clear as day this was an honest mistake (besides to those who just enjoy dragging someone through the mud)

  23. The bigger issue here is why is there no proper supervision over these labels. The whole kashrus industry is based on labels and if we can’t trust that they are properly supervised how can we trust any hechsher??