Minister Shalom: I Have Always been a Chossid of a Coalition with Labor


silvMinister of Negev Development (Likud) Silvan Shalom explains that for him, he has always been a chossid of a national unity government when the opportunity presents itself.

The minister made his remarks on Shabbos, explaining that when trying to assemble the coalition, one seeks to connect with one’s “natural partners” towards stabling a government that would last for four years. “I have always been a chossid of a government with Labor but this time it appears to me that it will not occur. They are not stating what they want and there is no guarantee they won’t break away mid-term”.

When asked to comment on statements made earlier by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that he will not form a government with the Labor party, Shalom explained he and Mr. Netanyahu are on the same page for sitting with Labor in a national unity government compels Labor to accept the Likud’s guidelines for the coalition.

Shalom concluded that he enjoyed serving as minister for Galil and Negev development, and he feels that he will serve as a senior cabinet minister in the new government.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher:Those who push for national Unity/ Broad Coalition Gov’ts’ are Quislings
    i.e. Fifth Columnists who desire to pull the rug out for under a Gov’t’s ability to develop and embed into the national soul

  2. The onus is/will be now on the religious to embed this Coalition deep into the national soul long after it’s term is finally completed.

    The Shrewd Left is steep at work creating an atmosphere to turn this late elections pyrrhic defeat !

  3. Correction #2 turn the recent elections into regretted pyrrhic victory !


    Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”
    — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

    The Election (and the previous one)with all the back and forth, hinged primarily upon the Machane Le’umi.

    The ‘Amcha’ were tired , felt taken for granted ,flirted/lashed around ,but in the end did “come home”.

    But will this Election grow into a reinvigoration and revival of the Machane Le’umi , deeper combusting in the psyche and soul of the ‘Amcha’



    appear in retrospect to have been the swan song ;the final surging flicker of the flame perhaps , of the Machane Le’umi ?