PM Netanyahu Continues Speaking Out Against Iran Deal


bibThe Israel Police National Police Academy was launched in a festive ceremony in Beit Shemesh attended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday, 23 Nissan. As a final deal between the United States and Iran nears, the prime minister is using any and all forums to continue speaking out, warning against the deal on the table.

Following is an excerpt from Mr. Netanyahu’s remarks at the ceremony:

“There is no convincing explanation to the effect that the nuclear deal being offered to Iran is a good deal for one simple reason: It is a bad deal, a very bad deal. It is a deal that leaves Iran in possession of the capability to arm itself with nuclear weapons, that fills its coffers with a lot of money and that not only enables it to continue its terrorism and aggression in the Middle East and around the world but does not even demand that it stop doing so. Iran draws encouragement from the concessions that it is receiving from the major powers. The message that Iran is receiving from this is that it is not being called upon to halt its aggression, that it can continue and even increase this aggression, and this is exactly what it is doing. It has been doing so in recent months, in recent weeks and in recent days; it is doing so throughout the Middle East, from Iraq to Yemen. It is doing so in Lebanon and on the border with the Golan Heights. It is grasping the Middle East with arms of terror and blood.

“Iran is receiving legitimacy to continue these actions and when the sanctions are lifted shortly, if indeed the deal is approved, it will receive billions of dollars to finance its war and terrorism machines, with international legitimacy.

“Before our very eyes an absurd reality is taking shape in which the key to our fate and the future of the Middle East is liable to be delivered into the hands of the fanatical Iranian regime. An agreement full of holes with Iran will not ensure regional stability; a vigorous and resolute policy that prevents it from arming itself with nuclear weapons and compels it to halt its takeover of other nations would.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)