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Gyrocopter Pilot Wasn’t Worried About Being Shot Down in DC

gyroThe letter carrier who landed his gyrocopter on Capitol Hill says he wasn’t concerned about getting shot down as he made his final approach.

Doug Hughes told ABC’s “Good Morning America” he doesn’t believe the government would have shot down a “61-year-old mail man in a flying bicycle.”

Hughes was arrested last week. He was carrying letters for each member of Congress to raise awareness about the influence of big money in politics. He faces charges of violating national airspace and operating an unregistered aircraft.

He has returned to Florida where he’ll be under house arrest until a May 8 court hearing in Washington.

He says it’s now up to the American people to decide whether to “catch the ball that I threw.” If they do, he says they can “fix the problem” of corruption in Congress.


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  1. “no fly zone” means “shoot on sight”

    If they had seen him, the fighter aircraft would have tried to divert him to an airport, and on being unable to do so would have destroyed him – probably assuming he was a suicide bomber.

    He is alive only because he discovered a loophole which has probably already been plugged (while the military is famous for closing barn doors after the horses escape- they do close the barn doors and tough luck for the horses that missed their chance to escape).

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