PM Netanyahu Meets with National Security Council Personnel Ahead of Independence Day


bibnPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, 2 Iyar, met with National Security Council personnel ahead of Israel’s 67th Independence Day. The Prime Minister said: “One of the main missions of the Jewish People over the generations has been to identify threats and dangers in time and deal with them. This is a main task of the National Security Council. I thank all of you for fulfilling this mission.”

National Security Council Chairman Yossi Cohen said, “Our national duty is to maintain the strength we have achieved in 67 years of independence and the moral legitimacy of that strength – militarily, economically and diplomatically, all of these are vital to our future.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. At 67, Israel enjoys splendid integration into the global economy and Israel’s ‎economy is praised by the International Monetary Fund and the three leading rating ‎companies, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings. Israel’s gross domestic product and industrial ‎exports total $300 billion and $47 billion, respectively, compared to $1.5 billion and $5 million, ‎respectively, in 1948. Israel’s GDP growth (3%) is similar to the U.S. and higher than ‎Canada (1.9%), Britain (1.6%), Germany (1.1%) and the OECD average (1.3%). ‎Israel’s unemployment rate (6%) is lower than the OECD average (7.5%). Israel’s ‎debt-to-GDP ratio (67% and declining) is lower than the U.S. (106%), the Euro bloc ‎‎(108%), the G-20 (97%), Britain (92%) and Germany (75%). Israel has the largest (per ‎capita) number of startup companies in the world, the highest (per capita) ratio of ‎university degrees, the highest ratio of research and development personnel (140 per ‎‎10,000 workers), and is a research and development hub of some 250 U.S. high ‎technology companies. Overseas investment in Israel is at a record level and trade ‎with India and China is skyrocketing