Vishnitzer Rebbe: ‘Today’s Shtreimals are Catastrophic’


hagThe Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita addressed his younger chassidim, focusing on one’s midos, eating habits and one’s attire. The rebbe also spoke about shidduchim and Lag B’Omer.

Hundreds of Vishnitz talmidei yeshivos were in Kfar Citrin in northern Israel for a special event marking the rebbe’s 70th birthday. During the tisch the rebbe told the talmidim they must be mechazeik in their Avodas Hashem, particularly their midos.

The rebbe stated that he has not had opportunity to sit with talmidim and now he is privileged to spend an entire Shabbos with them.

“I am asking from the depth of my heart that each bochur remain true to the derech and serve as an example. A bochur that learns in Vishnitz must know what it means to be a chossid.

The rebbe stressed the importance of talmidim appearing ‘menchlich’, but frowned upon the growing emphasis on eyeglass frames, shoes and the money spent on “modern items” for one’s chasenah, stating “this is not our way and it is unacceptable”.

“This is especially true regarding shtreimalach” added the rebbe, stating “it is simply catastrophic. Today’s shtreimal look like a spudik and I call on bochrim to demand something different, to tell stores to stop offering a chosson such a shtreimal”.

Regarding the tangibles in a bochur’s life, the rebbe stated a bochur must eat well but not to become too involved in eating. “We eat because we must to serve HKBH and for no other reason” stated the rebbe.

“In addition, a bochur must sleep well and not abuse his body. He must take care of it. His remaining time must be dedicated to limud for without this, a bochur yeshiva becomes nothing more than a student…My grandfather the Imrei Chaim spoke about ‘מי שטעדירט אויף תלמוד’, learning Gemara in purity and Yiras Shomayim, and one must be careful regarding what one takes in and emerges from one’s mouth”.

The rebbe stated that unlike in the past, a bochur today lives without worries, as everything is done for him. He speaks of the need to distance oneself from the news and politics, the gossip on the streets as well as the gossip in the chassidus. “A bochur mustn’t be a pasul utensil and I hope we do not have such people in our yeshivos”.

“I was recently involved in a number of shidduchim and I heard negative information from one regarding his friend. It is forbidden to do this. If we are dealing with a good person he must be praised. If the bochur is a ‘beinonei’ we must speak in a positive note and the necessary probe must be conducted and Siyata Dishmaya is required here as to how one must respond. This refers to the pasuk ‘כי באפם הרגו איש’”.

The rebbe then spoke of Lag B’Omer as many come to ask if they should travel to Meron. The rebbe explained the minhag is not to travel to Meron. The rebbe stated a chosson getting married immediately following Shavuos can travel on Sunday or if absolutely necessary, on erev Shabbos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Not that I’m anyone to comment , however I must admit this is beautiful and it’s about time this is being said publicly. The rebbe should have much gezunt, arichas yamim and siyata dishmaya to continue and succeed in this most honorable mission.

  2. That is a Gadol. The latest styles of shtreimel with the ridiculous high gaavadick ‘crowns’ are such a perversion of the beautiful malbush. What ever happened to living and dressing nice and simple?

  3. I wish he had been a drop more clear. Today’s chassidus, as well as the yeshivish styles of living, have maximized chitzoniyus and gashmiyus. This is problematic. The main issue is that the basics of Yir’as Shomayim and Ahavas Hashem have become obsolete. That would never have happened with earlier gedolim. Today’s leaders have been made to be busy with too many public appearances, ceremonial things, and performances. All we see is their involvement in Olam Hazeh. We need to guidance on how to be real Yidden, by bringing HKB”H into our homes, business, social world, and lifestyles so that we fulfill Ratzon Hashem 24/7.