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Shas Leader Deri’s Latest Coalition Demands

deriShas leader Aryeh Deri appears to be exhibiting a growing confidence as coalition negotiations with Likud representatives continue.

It is now reported that Shas leader Deri has decided he will not accept the Ministry of the Economy, but has gone back to his original demand, total control over the Ministry of the Interior. Shas originally wanted the Interior Ministry but backed down after learning Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised the District Planning Board aspect of that ministry to the Kulanu party. This will permit Kulanu to move ahead with its nationwide construction reform as the party is also promised control over the treasury and Israel Lands Administration.

Deri is quoted saying “There is no reason for us to be afraid of Naftali Bennett”, adding the party will also demand total and exclusive control over the Ministry of Religious Services.

Persons close to Deri on Sunday 7 Iyar told the press that the party leader is not going to accept the Economy Minister as he prefers to remain adamant to control the Interior Ministry including the District Planning Board. It is difficult to understand how Deri with 7 seats thinks he will usurp of the planning board from Kulanu with 10 seats.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. If Yesh Atid’s only demand is that Shas be in the opposition, eri has shot himself in the foot. So far, Lapid is as greedy as Deri, but that could change. Excluding Shas from the government would be seen as a major accomplishment by Lapid’s “base.”

  2. I dont understand why YWN has to put up this picture of Aryeh Deri. It’s as if you guys want to show him in a bad light. It’s unnecessary. YWN has to learn the concept of respect, especially towards other yiddin

  3. This is why all the Gedolim wanted Deri as the head of Shas (including american gedolim, as YWN reported). He is really good at this political game of poker and he knows how to play his cards really well. Everyone knows that. As R’ Shach said, this young Sephardi guy did what Agudah couldn’t do in 40 years!

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