Yeshiva Bochur in Critical Condition Post Traumatic Arrest Following Diving Accident At The Kinneret


KinneretA 17-year-old chareidi male who dove into the Kinneret went into traumatic arrest. The youth jumped from Chori Beach and apparently his head struck a rock and he lost consciousness.

Police received a call at about 06:45 Wednesday morning for a man drowning. Ichud Hatzalah’s Adi Sror explains “When I arrived at the scene he was out of the water. He was in cardiac arrest. I began CPR and other responders were on the scene shortly thereafter”.

B’chasdei Hashem the EMS team including MDA paramedics succeeded in restoring his spontaneous pulse and respirations as a result of advanced life support measures. MDA paramedics transported the victim to Poriah Hospital in Tiveria.

A name for Tehillim was unavailable.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why is it always so important to tell us that he was charedi or, for that matter, that he was even Jewish? Does it even make any difference whether he was black or white? Why do we always have to put up a wall between us? We are ALL created by HB”H and every life is important. If even the Mitzrim’s dying changed the way we conduct our seder and even our saying Hallel, then isn’t EVERY life important?

  2. Chicago Maven – although you are right that it shouldn’t make a difference who the person was, YeshivaWorld is a “Chareidi” news medium and it’s readership are generally Frum people, so they tend to highlight details that pertain to the Frum community. That in no way trivializes should this have occurred to either a non-Chareidi or a non-Jew.

  3. ikovitz,
    Good point and I hope that’s the only reason that it’s mentioned. Unfortunately, I know that there are many people that don’t feel the same way that you and I do.