Yair Lapid: I Believe in G-d My Way


lapidSpeaking to Kol Chai Radio, Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid was critical of the chareidi parties. “If we want to take the State of Israel to a place that every two years there is a war and the winner changes everything that is doable, but not wise and not suggested. There were healthy processes such as going out to work and equality of the national burden. Unfortunately, the chareidim Members of Knesset only want to see a banner headline on chareidi news websites that they scored a victory”.

Regarding the draft law compelling chareidim to serve in the IDF, Lapid insisted this was not motivated by hate for chareidim. “We knew the induction would be a painful and difficult process. Regarding getting out to work, the statistics of the Central Bureau of Statistics show a vast increase”.

Lapid admits that he failed regarding the image, for too many believe he hates chareidim when this is not the case. He feels that people need to get out and work and support themselves, nothing more.

“I am accused of being an anti-Semite and this is baseless. I do not have a panache to tell others how to live their lives but a nation does have a right to insist on certain principals; one being that everyone is responsible to support oneself and one’s children. Another thing is that there cannot be a situation in which one sends his children to the military while the second does not”.

“We want to live in a society which is moral and this is not just the penal code. I believe in the Tanach and I believe in G-d – but I do not accept instruction as to how I must believe. Also the Shabbos is the official day of rest in Israel”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Whats his obsession with Chareidim? They are a small minority of the overall population in Israel. Just worry about your elite buddies.

  2. hey Yair! Whom are you trying to fool?
    Your father was a BIG ANTI-SEMITE and CHAREIDIM HATER, and you are following in his footsteps.

    Just wait…Your end will be the same as your father’s……G-D has alot of patience…

  3. scy4851—You consider yourself a ben toyreh,shame on you the way you write befits a rushe talking about someones death who doesnt see things your way phew

  4. So it was ok for HIM to change the law when he was in power but now all of a sudden”we can’t change the laws every two years. As we sadly learned in America a good speaker does not a good leader make. Lapid you’re out and we can’t wait for the same for the empty suit in the Black House.

  5. To believe on God your way, is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!
    Try believing how to drive YOUR WAY. Nobody lives in the world “their way”you can’t walk out of a store without paying and say “this is how I believe ”
    You can’t not pay taxes and say “I believe in the laws of the land my way”


  6. He’s right. Easy to call him names but he his argument is correct. The system as it stands today is a disaster, everyone knows it, and he’s just doing the job that leaders in the Chareidi community should be doing. I agree his tactics are misguided. Incentivization works better then coercion, but he’s in right. 1/5th of a country can’t live on handouts. I know that because it’s common sense and because Chazal says it. All of sudden our Mesorah doesn’t matter.

  7. Sam 343, I was disturbed to see the article in the first place, but I was comforted that the repliers applied their critical thinking by way of realizing that Mr. Lapid is not doing the Torah world a great toivah and better than many( including Mizrachi)of the gedolei Torah that turned out for the asifah last year. They realize that Lapid did not stumble upon the answer that was beyond today’s greats. You, however, did not. Do you really think that Lapid’s goal is the betterment of the Torah world? More than the gedolei Torah? I think you got some rethinking to do.

  8. sam343 ,I am sick and tired of this false accusation that the Israeli charedi world doesn’t work-we certainly do and pay taxes like everyone else!The problem is that Israeli salaries are so low and job discrimination against charedim is a fact that its very hard to support a large family.Far more than 1/5 of the USA lives on gov’t handouts with a large portion of that population involved with drugs & crime!Helping large Jewish families which are helping to keep a Jewish majority in this state and who live simpler, spiritual lives and just need to feed their kids should be admired ,not castigated!!!

  9. bissel saiche, you who want to relegate the chareidi community to a life of institutionalized poverty are certainly not doing them any favors. Nowhere did I suggest that Mr Lapid. is the answer. The answer should be our leaders. They have failed us miserably and were paying dearly for it.

  10. “but I do not accept instruction as to how I must believe”
    At best he is like the thief of the Gemara, who prays that G-d should help him to violate His will.

  11. Honestly I’ve never cared about editing on this site and whenever anyone brings it up I feel like telling them to get a life…but your headline is so off its crazy….I’m not advocating for lapid at all but he does not say anything near what the headline says…in fact he doesn’t say anything thats anti Torah or anti frum

  12. sam 343, Perhaps you are not understanding what our leaders say. This is not the forum to understand them and I’m certainly not the one to explain their mehalech, but to say “they’ve failed us miserably” and left us in poverty, completely lacks respect for their position.
    No one wishes for yissurim, but the gemara says 3 things are koneh with them: Torah, EY, and Olam Habah. People who want all three have to understand that, and not lose sight of their goals because someone who is historically a soneh Torah and mitzvos, decides he wants to change history for the “better”.
    Those who are honest with themselves and the world around them, realize that the new Jewishness that accompanies the State of Israel, is an awful bluff which has ensnared many. They fall prey to those who say the reality of the world dictates that we lessen our religiosity. As frum Jews, we have to recognize that. Again, no one wants suffering and tza’ar, certainly not gedolei Torah, but there is a huge difference between tweaking a system, and overhauling the system. In addition, let us make a better attempt at understanding the system that is in place.
    In the past people considered it a great zchus to support Torah, despite the hardships it yielded. If only the machikei Torah would be so proud and if only the lomdei Torah themselves would realize their opportunity, then we could be the Am HaTorah that we are supposed to be.

  13. Sam 343: Just remember Chazal also warn very strongly against speaking loshon hora about talmidei chachomim. That’s also part of our mesorah!