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Will Bayit Yehudi Receive the Justice Ministry?

downloadWith a little over 12 hours remaining until the expiration of the mandate to form a government, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu may have to acquiesce and give control of the Justice Ministry to Bayit Yehudi. After the prime minister gave exclusive control over the Ministry of Education to Shas, Bayit Yehudi is demanding the Justice Ministry, which they plan to give to Ayelet Shaked.

It is pointed out that Bennett is also demanding the Foreign Ministry, but most believe even he is aware that the likelihood of this occurring is less than slim to none.

There are credible rumors that PM Netanyahu has already informed Bennett that he would give him control of the Justice Ministry, but he cannot appoint Ayelet Shaked as the minister. Netanyahu is willing to see Bennett as Justice Minister, while Shaked can serve as Minister of Education.

An alternative offer being made to Bennett is that if he does not take control of the Justice Ministry, he can have two ministerial appointments with appointment to the Security Cabinet attached since the justice minister is a member by definition of the job. Hence, even if the party does not have control of the Justice Ministry, it will have two appointments to the prestigious inner cabinet.

If the prime minister tells President Reuven Rivlin that he cannot form a government, the president can give the mandate to another, in this case the second largest party, Yitzchak Herzog of Labor. If Herzog informs the president that he cannot form a coalition, either before or after the expiration of the 28-day mandate, then the nation heads to elections again.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. They gave exclusive control over the Ministry of Religion to Shas.(not the Education Ministry, as stated above)

    Actually, besides it being an important ministry otherwise, I think this Justice Ministry demand is a backdoor approach to control of the Religious Ministry, due to the power of appointing dayanim, which last session was changed to include many secular, as well as women, and within the Justice Ministry.

    If such are considered “qualified” to select dayanim, to counter this the hareidim have to demand that dayanim will have a say in the appointment of judges for secular courts.

    I was very saddened to see that Rav Zalman Melamed, one who I’ve always respected, has come out in support of the Justice Ministry retaining control, it was stated in his name that BY,”must demand the ministry with all of its current functions and fields of authority, including the Committee for Appointment of dayanim (Beit Din, or rabbinical court, judges).”

    On days like this, I sometimes wonder why I’m Jewish. 🙁

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