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Queens: 10-Week-Old Jewish Infant Found Dead In Stroller In Forest Hills Park

fdnyamA 10-week-old infant was found dead in her stroller in a Queens park Wednesday afternoon, police said.

On Wednesday at approximately 12:30PM, police officers responded to a 911 call of an unconscious baby inside of a park located at Borage Place and Burns Street in the Forest Hills section of Queens – within the confines of the 112th Precinct.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a 10 week old female to be unconscious and unresponsive. EMS also responded and transported the infant female to North Shore Hospital where she was pronounced deceased. The Medical Examiner shall determine the cause of death and the investigation is ongoing.

The deceased has been identified as Zoey Kaplan, 10-weeks old of Dartmouth Street in Queens, NY.

Chesed Shel Emmes is working with the family and authorities to ensure proper Kavod Haniftar.


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  1. The way the article is written, it sounds as if the baby was unattended and then found. I would venture to believe that someone was with the baby and found the baby to be unresponsive and called 911 for help. No one leaves a 10 week old baby unattended.

  2. Some more info from NBC newsThe baby girl, who has since been identified as Zoey Kaplan of Queens, was with her mother and her mother’s friend at Hawthorne Park, located at Borage Place and Burns Street in Forest Hills, police said. When the mother went to check on Zoey in her stroller, she found the girl vomiting.

  3. BDE
    5th innocent Child to be niftar in the month of May

    (OTHER 4 R”L
    Chaya Mushka Spalter-daughter of Mendy & Haddasah-of Los Angeles, California-Died of pediatric cancer-May 4 2015-11

    Avraham Yitzchok Zemser-son of Susan of Rockaway Beach NY-killed in derailed AMTRAK train which crashed in north Philadelphia-May 12 2015-20

    Girl-from Ashdod, Israel-Choked on a piece of Balloon-May 16 2015-6

    Yehuda Kramer-of Lakewood, son of Rabbi Binyomin of NY-Long illness-May 25 2015-25)

    9 innocent children or infants were niftar in the month of april alone R”L

    over 140 niftar in the past 2 years R”L

    Such sweet righteous children who left their families in a instant & left them all mourning over their loss.

    pleassssse I beg my brothers with tears & mourning to put a stop to these endless instant tragedies & pain that is caused to all these families. by finally waking up & FACING REALITY & admitting to Hashem that Hashem is right & we need to do teshuva so this time of tzaros can end.

    May his neshama have an Aliya

  4. If no other cause identified, it’s probably a vaccine reaction. Could be right after a 2 month “well” visit. No one will look at this possibility and report to VAERS because as we all know vaccines are 1000% safe.

  5. Please don’t judge based on few facts. From another news source: “Kaplan’s mother was in the park with her daughter when she noticed her daughters feet were ice cold and that she vomited.”

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