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VIDEO: Is Hezbollah Videoing IDF Activities Along Israel’s N. Border?


Some IDF soldiers that have served along Israel’s northern border have warned in the past that Hizbullah terrorists are armed with cameras and videos as they continue monitoring military activities on the Israeli side of the border. These reports have been heard from compulsory and reserve duty soldiers and officers over recent years.

The accompanying video shows Hizbullah TV video, which clearly shows IDF soldiers and tanks. Hizbullah says the video is proof that if they wished to strike out against an IDF tank it would be quite easy.

“We arrived at the location we wanted…we could easily strike out and destroy the vehicle including a Merkava tank that fled…”

IDF officials insist the video is old and a forgery, explaining the armored vehicles seen have not been deployed along the northern border for over three years. They add that one never sees the reporter aside the tank, clearly because the video was doctored. IDF officials explain they are unwilling to respond to “Hizbullah propaganda” more than what was explained.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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