Yerushalayim to Host a High End Car Show for the Chareidi Tzibur


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cadAnother first in Yerushalayim, a high-end car show for chareidim is going to be hosted in the Jerusalem Arena, opening on Tuesday, 15 Sivan 5775. The event is being billed exclusively for chareidim interested in buying a luxury vehicle.

The event is billed as a ‘first-ever’ and the vehicles are being furnished directly from the importers in the hope of making a number of sales. Cadillac Israel and other high-end dealers explain they are aware that some chareidim can afford and would love to own a luxury vehicle but do not because of ‘eye gouging’ of the tzibur at large.

The playing court of the stadium will be converted to a showroom for Cadillac, Rover, Infiniti, and high-end models of Toyota, Dodge and Chevrolet. The dealers are willing to make the investment in the hope of finally penetrating the chareidi high-end vehicle market.

Pinchas Shachar, who is behind the fair, explains he has met with many a successful chareidi businessman who is in a position to permit making such a purchase and organizers are hopeful the car show will persuade at least some of them to do just that. It is reported that potential buyers will be permitted a test drive in the confines of the stadium. Persons entering the fair will have to show and ID card and valid license, a step organizers’ hope will distance youths seeking to take advantage of the event which is intended for serious buyers only.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Yeah. And as soon as 10 charedim buy these cars there’s going to be a demand in the Knesset to further pull back on subsidies to charedi families.

  2. And a car show is going to convince people not to look at any purchaser askance. Nobody wants to have a hafgana made about them. Whatever reasons people had not to buy a luxury car before (namely not being shunned by the community) haven’t changed.

  3. IF someone frum has money to spend on a fancy car, his frumkeit is to be questioned. There is no way such a person is to be taken seriously as a frum Jew if he prefers to spend money on a mindless luxury while other frum Jews in the very same community are barely able to make ends meet.

  4. This article makes me nautious.
    Keep the high end gashmius out of Yerushalyim.
    In addition, once one person has it then the other “needs” it as well.
    It’s bad enough in other places but to bring in “shpitz” gashmius to Y-M
    is not necessary.
    I’m surprised that the Yeshiva World would post such an “empty” event.

  5. This should be protested more than when the Happy Parade came to Jerusalem.
    Dont raise the level of gashmius in our communities. DOnt introduce us to what we “need”.

  6. A serious caddi buyer knows exactly where to go to get a good car at a good price. They sometimes think Chareidim are dumb. Anyway, ‘Rover’ has gone bust.

  7. Perhaps some money can be collected from these flamboyant Gvirim for the large upstanding Lakewood family of 12 recently evicted from their home. For the price of 2 or 3 luxury vehicles, this family of 12 can be helped.

  8. I don’t understand. Gashmius has no place in Torah true life. It reminds me of when the ancient Greeks wanted to introduce the Olympics to Jerusalem. It’s not for us. I hope our Gedolim step up to the plate and denounce this Avodah Zara. Please not now. Not ever.

  9. While it’s good to learn that there’s a sizable affluent Chareidi community in Israel, as the article notes are they really a target audience for luxury vehicles?

    I think the auto manufacturers would be more successful offering vehicles that can accommodate larger families more comfortably with good safety and fuel economy. Actually, such a vehicle would do well in the US, too!

  10. High end car show next to families that can’t put bread on the table?! – please have some sensitivity and understanding – or will every luxury car include a 10% tax for Zedokoh?

  11. I’m already imagining the media spin the secular Israeli media will put on this item. On the one hand, the Chareidi MKs are bemoaning the poverty in the Chareidi community, but on the other hand a luxury auto show? We know that the community is not homogeneous from an economic standpoint, and the yungerleit who are struggling with $1500-$2000 monthly income will not be attending the show. This distinction, however, might be lost — deliberately or otherwise — on the secular Israeli press. Just wait for the coming circus!

  12. Status ?!

    Consumerism ?!

    Those of us who have long supported and defended the Chareidi community both in Israel and abroad:
    Did we do it for this ?!

  13. 14,
    While I agree with you that this is a bad idea, gashmius does have a place in a Torah life. We are not forbidden to enjoy ourselves. It’s just that we have to do it in a seicheldike manner, which would not be this.