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Man Gets 14 Years In Prison For Sandy Gas Station Threat

sgaA man convicted of threatening a motorist with a handgun while cutting in line at a gas station during the fuel shortage caused by Superstorm Sandy has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Sean Bailey was sentenced Thursday after being convicted in June of criminal possession of a weapon and menacing.

Prosecutors say the victim was waiting in line at a Queens gas station in November 2012 when a car in which Bailey was a passenger cut in front of him. When the victim protested, prosecutors say Bailey exited the vehicle and displayed a handgun and threatened him. The 38-year-old Bailey was arrested after the victim called 911.

In the days after the storm, gas shortages created hourslong lines at gas stations.


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  1. 14 YEARS!In terrorists who mass murder people and serve less!those who just damage people and property get very little jail time -if any.
    It’s time Israel got tough.Israel needs the death penalty for mass murderers and significant time and fines for rock throwers,etc.

  2. 14 years sounds way too long for menacing – which is a lesser crime than assault. Fortunately, the gun brandisher did not actually shoot anybody. His behavior is bad, and he should get jail time, but there must be more to the story if he got 14 years. Drunk drivers who kill people, and people who run red lights and kill people, don’t get 14 years (though I think they should).

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