Action Packed: BJX Will Answer All Your Questions This Summer


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rabbiCaptureDue to popular demand the Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX) Torah Center on Avenue K is hosting a unique four week summer series that will benefit the Brooklyn community and positively transform all who participate. Beginning July 8th, four renowned speakers will offer unique presentations on fascinating topics that intrigue every thinking person. The presenters include Rav Mordechai Becher, senior lecturer at Gateways Organization, Rav Label Lam, renowned lecturer and educator, Rav Aaron Rapps, Rosh HaYeshiva at Manhattan Beach and Rav Yitzchok Fingerer, Morah d’Asra of the BJX Torah Center. ”

“Essentially, you will hear four fantastic speakers each Wednesday evening, but they will have just thirty minutes to explicate the topic,” explained Rabbi Moshe Fingerer, the executive director of BJX. “This series is tailored for business men who during the year because of their work schedule aren’t able to participate in similar presentations. Now they will have the opportunity to hear from phenomenal speakers.”


The pace will be quick. The topics will address important concepts like business in Halacha, free-will, why bad things happen to good people, secrets towards achieving success and happiness, tips on improving relationships, science and evolution, and other topics. Everyone will emerge with yedios and acquire tremendous knowledge and inspiration. “This summer series will be very impactful,” said Rabbi Fingerer.

Over the course of the year the BJX office has received phone calls and emails from people in the Flatbush community who sought answers to compelling questions on a wide range of topics. The cost for the four week series is $50. According to the BJX staff, sponsorship opportunities are still available.
For more information or to register, email [email protected] or call the BJX Torah Center 646-397-1544.