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Gilad Sharon Calls The Gush Katif Expulsion ‘A Major Success For The Nation’ On The 10th Anniversary

Gush Katif expulsion - cops cryingIn a move that most would describe as ‘pouring salt on the wound’, Gilad Sharon, a son of the architect for the destruction of Gush Katif and portions of northern Shomron with his so-called 2005 Disengagement Plan, praises the act on the 10th anniversary.

Despite uprooting close to 10,000 people and destroying the vibrant Jewish life in Gaza, bringing Hamastine to the world and leaving southern Israeli residents victim to rocket attacks from Gaza, Gilad Sharon on the tenth anniversary of the expulsion feels his later father’s police was a “major success for the nation”. The young Sharon questions “If it was a mistake why is it that no one wishes to return to Gaza?” He adds that his father would deal with the Gaza rocket fire with a hard handed policy after the expulsion.

Gilad Sharon feels “Looking back ten years later, the actions taken saved Israel”, speaking with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio). The young Sharon cites that now, ten years later, clearly no one really wants to return, adding “Even among the expellees I am not sure the majority wishes to return. After all we have returned to all of these places in operations in Gaza like Protective Edge and with the exception of a fringe element, no one wishes to remain there”.

Sharon adds that not only doesn’t anyone wish to return, no one favors leaving the IDF presence in Gaza. “No want wishes to do miluim (reserve duty) there just like no one wants to see their sons serving there”.

Sharon is certain that the expulsion saved hundreds of lives despite the fact the situation compelled a number of operations in Gaza since 2005. “It was a painful, difficult and necessary move” he insists.

“My father was not naïve and he was well acquainted with our neighbors. He knew that every time that were able to choose between a good life or terror and suffering they opted for the latter. My father expected there to be terror attacks following the expulsion too but he would have responded with all our might”.

“I believed that we would not rule over Gaza but this does not prevent us from responding mightily. He moved artillery batteries close to the border…On the night he was hospitalized I heard him speaking with the IDF Chief of Staff and instructed him to order naval shelling in response to fire. One thing can be said, my father knew how to deal with terror”.

Gilad took advantage of the interview to attack Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, citing that he tries to distance himself from the expulsion but only a few really objected at the time, with good reason, but Mr. Netanyahu cannot be counted among those them since he separated himself from them as he does time after time”.

He explained Netanyahu backed the expulsion time and time again, as he was among those who worded the resolution presented to the cabinet on the Disengagement Plan, and he voted for it in the cabinet, and supported it on four separate occasions in Knesset. “Netanyahu stood at the podium in Knesset, opposite the cameras, calling on MK Uri Ariel ‘don’t make a mistake for in a national referendum I am supporting the plan”.

“There must be a limit to the cynicism”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. #1

    Good one! This guy is just plain stupid. His father would’ve responded “mightily”??? The man had many chances to respond mightily, after the Disengagement”, and chose not to.

  2. #1. Absolutely right! It boggles the mind that these fools can’t see what’s in front of their noses. In actuality, the Donkey even knew better than these fools.

  3. Nebech, he knows full well that his father agreed to the withdrawal in order to save him from going to jail for his part in the ‘Greek Island’ scandal.

  4. Responding to Hamas attacks from Gaza militarily sounds impressive but is a tragic mistake. Hamas attacks for the sole purpose of provoking a military reaction, so that Palestinians, especially children, will die and provide a propaganda win for Hamas. Israeli lives are not saved by these incursions; indeed many soldiers were killed last time. The recent attempt by anti-Zionists to break the naval blockade was instructive. At the previous attempt, Israeli forces attacked, provoking massive world-wide anger. This time, they simply escorted the vessel to Ashdod, and the world barely noticed. The way to diffuse hatred of Israel (which is hatred of Jews), is to limit Palestinian deaths, not create more. No Palestinians killed is not news. When is Israel going to learn to act defensively, not offensively, by not reacting to Hamas provocations?

  5. “No one today wants to return to Gaza…”. Mr. Sharon—-Do you not know why? BECAUSE THE ARABS , INSTEAD OF CAPITALIZING ON THE BUILT-UP GUSH KATIF COMMUNITIES AND EMBRACE THE ECONOMY—-THEY CHOSE TO DISMANTLE AND DESTROY THE ENHANCED IBFRASTRUCTURE!!!Israel should take it back and redevelop, but never returrn it unitarily. Your father created a churban and was totally wrong for his move-without requesting solid commitments from the arabs. Why don’t you ask the Israelis who live in Sderot and all border communities , whether they agree (put in harms way). Easy for you to say such a naïve and false statement because you don’t have to deal with results of that DISASTER……

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