Sullivan County: Casino Project In Kiamisha To Be Bigger Than Originally Planned


casinoThe following is via MidHudsonNews:

Executive Vice President of Empire Resorts Inc., Charles Degliomini announced that they will be investing an additional $100 million to $150 million in the Montreign Casino project.

The additional investment will boost the casino resort from a four-diamond status to a five-diamond status, the highest resort rating.

Degliomini announced the news at the Sullivan United “United for a Better Future” mixer on Wednesday evening at the site of the future resort.

Degliomini said the company’s first proposal to the State Gaming Commission was “spectacular,” but the five-star casino resort will create an experience unparalleled on the east coast.

“What we’ve done, since the gaming facilty/ location board referred us in December, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at the market,” he said. “We thought that, while our original plan to the gaming commission was pretty spectacular, there was going to be different things that we could do to improve the customer experience to attract more patrons, more diverse patrons, not only from the tri-state area but, literally, on a national and international basis.”

The new five-diamond upgrades will include an increase from 63 to 100 table games, private gaming salons, seven private duplex villas, garden suites, butler service and new restaurants added to the entertainment portion. Montreign is also working on getting a 40,000 square foot conference center added to the resort-casino to attract more individuals from the business community.

The new developments with Montreign, the Adelaar Resort site and the Z-Living Wellness Center are drawing a lot of attention in Sullivan County.

Roberta Lockwood, president of Sullivan Visitors Association, said the county is expecting an influx of new people.

“There’s a whole breadth of new visitors that want to come here and stay here and move here,” said Lockwood. “So, it’s really very exciting because we always knew we always had the best place on earth but, the exciting thing is, the entire world knows this is right place to be.”

The New York State Gaming Commission is expected to give the official go ahead on the casino project construction by September 30.

(Source: MidHudsonnews)


  1. Can’t wait for the local yokels to run around complaining about all the casino traffic – and not be able to blame it on those wascally Jews.