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Jerusalem: Chareidim on Board for Funding for Reformed Movement Affiliated ‘Hebrew Union College’

gimThe Jerusalem City Council has approved funding for the Reform Movement affiliated Hebrew Union College, Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) reports on Tuesday, 5 Menachem Av. According to the report, the approval for funding was made with the knowledge of chareidi city councilmen.

Councilman Chanan Rubin of the Hisorarus party told Galei Tzahal “I spoke with chareidi councilman and told them there is a concept of ’70 faces to torah’ and this is a Jewish concept. The understood that Jerusalem is a city that has a diverse population and worthy of support for the Jewish renewal in the city. I really appreciate their courage”.

He added “While the chareidi parties had an interest in approving the allocation towards receiving money for their organizations, it still represents a move that cannot be taken for granted in Jerusalem politics”.

Deputy Mayor (Bnei Torah) Chaim Epstein told Galei Tzahal “It is a disgrace that chareidi councilman from Shas and Yahadut Hatorah sit in such a meeting and do not bother reading the details”.

Yahadut Hatorah councilman deny the matter was even raised during the meeting, denying the accuracy of the report.

Jerusalem City Hall states “The city gives subsidies and grants to organizations and institutions in accordance with the law and in accordance with criteria defined and transparent so that any organization meeting the criteria may receive support”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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