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Amidst The Ocean – A Cruise You Don’t Want To Miss


Some are calling it ‘the boat event’, some are referring to it as a concert, or a dinner, while some are just considering it a night out.

We wanted to hear what it really is, so we got in touch with some of the coordinators and performers of the ‘Amidst The Ocean’ event.

“It’s all of the above” says an Elite Prod Events coordinator. “Our planned itinerary for a night full of entertainment includes singing, kumzitzing, a two comedian performance and many more surprises. We have it planned down to the minute”.

He further noted that the boat chartered, which has plenty of room (they will not be selling it to capacity), has 3 levels. The first level is where the music and entertainment will be in addition to regular tables for group seating. The second floor will feature the dining area with food setup thru the night, buffet style. While above, there is a beautiful deck, outfitted with many couches, lounge chairs and the beautiful view of the NYC Harbor!


We were also told that screens on each floor will be streaming the event all night, so wherever you are, at any time, you will have access to the see and hear the entertainment
Bars will be located on every floor, with an additional one on the first level where the Wine tasting will take place, this will be accompanied with Sushi platters by Sushi Express from Lakewood and custom herring platters from the renowned and best tasting Edelman Appetizing.

The food, which is being arranged by Serviette, is said to be something people will be amazed by. We couldn’t reach the coordinator but from what we heard, we understand, nobody will go hungry for a while. The 10 course buffet style menu will include different cuts of steak, beef and Schwarma among other mouthwatering gourmet dishes. All this to be followed by an ice cream buffet, cake tables, fruit platters along with a wide array of nuts and chocolates.

A separate sushi and herring station will also be on call all night, with what Nicki from our sushi sponsor says will be equipped with 2 sushi chefs rolling fresh sushi rolls while you wait. Yehuda Edelman from Edelman Appetizing told us that he already ordered extra staff to help prepare enough supply on the day of the event!

Furthermore, proceeds of the event will benefit Dror, the renowned ‘Pidyon Shvuyim’ organization which helps individuals who are incarcerated navigate the legal system while providing support to their spouse and children. The proceeds, will IY’H help Dror cover the costs to continue to be Mechazik these broken families by providing for their needs in every possible way; Support groups and events, transportation to visit their loved ones, therapists, Chol Hamoed outings and tutors just to name a few.


Dror’s sole goal is to lend a hand, mend a heart, and assist such families from beginning to end. Families know they can contact Dror with large requests and even for their mundane needs as Dror takes the place of the absentee father. Rabbi Stein, The Faltichaner Rav who is the driving force behind Dror, was extremely thankful and appreciative to the performers who help the organization all year round and especially now at this event.

After consulting with their Rabbonim, Dror told us that it is permitted to buy tickets to the event with Maaser money.

Performing artist, Benny Friedman, was quoted as saying “I can’t wait to be singing at such a great event and celebrating such an important cause. It sure promises to be quite a fantastic evening!”
Singer and entertainer Shmueli Ungar, one of the lead singers at the event, says he feels honored to be part of such an event, which is affiliated with such an amazing cause.

“This is what entertainment is meant for, singing for a great cause!” he said. “It’ll be the first time I perform at a grand public event, while giving back something to society, through Dror, and I look forward to give it my best!” People are extremely excited to watch him perform.

Recording artist, singer Shimmy Engel told us “after performing at a Dror shabbaton in the past and seeing first hand the work they did, I knew I had to be a part of an event which directly benefits them”.

When we reached Naftali Schnitzler, in charge of the entertainment for the event and who will be playing the keys, he said, “were getting ready for something that will be very original in its variations of entertainment”. We have a lineup that will literally ‘throw you overboard!’ Yedidim choir (who are close friends of Dror and have performed at their shabbatons, dinners, events and at Simchas which Dror made for the families of the incarcerated) say, “we’re excited to once again work with Naftali Schnitzler and orchestra and these three superstars of Jewish music. We know how to handle a show at high seas”..

Velvy Feldman, one of the 2 comedians part of the performance Amidst The Ocean, says his thought was that Dror families don’t find themselves smiling that often and we’re here to help the organization make them smile on a daily basis! “so we will try to give back, make all of u smile on July 28, u don’t wanna miss it!” He said.
 To book tickets go to
For group reservations please email [email protected]

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  1. elif1,

    I just wonder how low we have to go to be considered “not a yiddishe taam”??? For one; I’m sure tznius will be one of a kind on this boat ride.

  2. Michael B , get a grip of your yourself …

    These guys are trying to raise funds for a serious cause, one of the greatest Mitzvos of גמילת חסדים and you are comparing this to סעודת אחשורוש ??

  3. After consulting with their Rabbonim, Dror told us that it is permitted to buy tickets to the event with Maaser money.

    possibly, if you deduct the cost of a regular ticket

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