Police Move in to Prepare for Destruction of Beit Dreinoff in Beit El


20150727205347_(6)[1]Police arrived in Beit El on Monday night ahead of the planned demolition of Beit Dreinoff, the buildings in the community that were ordered destroyed by the High Court of Justice after the latter determined they built illeally on Arab-owned land. An SMS text message was sent out to supporters early Tuesday morning 12 Menachem Av informing them that police were moving in, calling on them to come and support the resistance.

Hundreds of youths clashed with police as at least 30 people were detained or arrested. Honenu reports police used pepper spray to compel protesters to leave the room they were occupying.

On Tuesday morning additional units moved in to the area as preparations conitnue to raze the homes.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked visited Beit El on Monday, telling residents she was working to leagalize the buildings but it appears other agencies are moving ahead to comply with the court order, to have the buildings destroyed by the end of July. The destruction of the buildings will result in two dozen families being displaced.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos & Videos: Yoni Rikner, Ori Siver & Yossi Sabato)


  1. It is worth noting that harav Aviner, who is the rav of the yishuv, came out with a statement stating that the Dreinoff case is NOT about yishuv haaretz. He noted that the buildings had been constructed illegally, without authorizations, on land that did not belong to the developer and that concerned residents of Beit-El were those who complained to the authorities about the illegal construction. He went on to compare the people opposing the destruction of the buildings with violence and divisiveness to the kanaim who brought about the destruction of the Second Temple. While I am not personally acquainted with the details of the case I assume that the mara de’atra of the yishuv is.