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MK Bar Presents the Left-Wing Peace Plan in Knesset

knessetMembers of the left-wing in Knesset on Monday, 11 Menachem Av, presented their peace plan to the plenum, explaining how to bring an end to the conflict between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority). Labor MK Yechiel Hilik Bar explained Palestine must be created and its capital would be in eastern Yerushalayim. He explained that Israel would also respond to the Arab initiative and instead of expulsion and removal of yishuvim, the Israeli residents would have the options of becoming Palestinian citizens in the new nation, stressing they would of course receive security assurances.

There is also a section of the plan addressing providing both Israelis and Palestinians with preferential access to areas of the other, areas of interest to tourism, religion, finance, business and science in both countries with monitoring and restrictions. He also discussed an online registry regarding medications and security for Gaza through an increase in non-Hamas forces in Gaza and eastern Yerushalayim including comprehensive security arrangements. The plan includes addressing borders, refugees and Jerusalem. Descendants of refugees would remain where they area and refugees would be permitted to return to Israel for humanitarian reasons.

Bar used the opportunity to lash out at the right-wing government, stating “the right-wing of today is not what it once was…” citing it is no longer pragmatic towards ensuring the future of Israel and the Zionist dream.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The Palestinians are unlikely to give up their claims to places such as Jaffa-Tel Aviv, the Negev and the Gallil. The zionists wish to believe the issue is where the border should be. The Arabs object to the concept of a zionist state – the borders are irrelevamt, Only giving up the idea of a medinah willbring peace.

  2. What an idiot. He’s learned nothing from the last 25 yrs. he thinks giving the Arabs whatever they’re asking for now will make them happy while all it does is make them ask for more. Because their goal is the complete elimination of Israel and they haven’t veered off that for a second throughout the whole process. Until they accomplish that they’ll never be happy.

  3. Pragmatic is the new hot word for the left.

    They are evil!!!

    And I hope people see them for what they really are.

    I have have a better peace plan, all Jews move out of Israel and call it Palistine. That’s what the Arabs altimately want and they will never settle for less.

  4. And how is this different than what was proposed in Madrid, Oslo, wye, camp david, Saudi initiative, etc. we don’t need anyone to apply more lipstick on the pig and present it as a new option we need a new option.

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