No Injuries in Bomb Attack at Kever Rochel


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kevrOfficials from Mosdos Kever Rochel reported shortly after noon on Wednesday 13 Menachem Av that a bomb was hurled into the complex earlier. The pipe bomb was hurled into the complex. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports of fatalities or injuries as the explosive device failed to detonate.

The complex has been closed down as bomb demolition technicians were dispatched to neutralize the device. No mispallalim are permitted to enter or leave until the device is neutralized.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. With respect, truly, no disrespect intended:

    ‘Hurl’ instead of ‘throw’ has lost its impact, as it is lately overused. (Like ‘horrific’ which used to be a stronger word than ‘horrible’ until it pretty much all meaning was wrung out of it). We know that criminally intent fanatics, bursting equally with an overload of religious zeal and adolescent peaks of hormonal activity are continually primed to riot and wreak havoc so there is pretty much daily (at the least) reason to report violence. Still, simple is always better; clear, cogent,unemotional reporting gets the story out and doesn’t distract from the essentials. In fact, the facts have more impact when delivered in the plainest manner.
    ‘Hurl’ sounds a bit overheated, even melodramatic; these attempted massacres do not need to be reported in bold face- they are sickening and upsetting without editorial assistance.
    Also, thank you for this site. The information you make available here is useful and of interest. There is no substitute for Yeshiva WOrld. con that I know of.