A New Chareidi Version of the Jerusalemite Card


yerJerusalem City Hall offers residents of the capital a resident’s card, “Yerushalmi” card, offering discounted parking and discounts on many cultural events to card holders. Realizing that most of the discounts offered are not in line with a chareidi lifestyle, the city is now offering a chareidi Yerushalmi card which will offer deals that are attractive to chareidi residents of the city.

The concept of the Yerushalmi card began almost a decade ago, with cards offered for minors, IDF soldiers and senior citizens. Now there is a special card for chareidi residents too.

With the assistance of Deputy Mayor Yitzchak Pindrus, the new card is being offered to chareidim and it will include deals for mehadrin restaurants and appropriate book stores (sifrei kodesh), and including discounts on different activities for children in a frum environment.

Stands will be manned at Bar-Ilan Junction and in Geula to make the registration process easier for chareidim wishing to register. There will be separate registration stations for men and women.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why not just add promotions to the existing Yerushalmi card that would interest chareidim, too? I have the regular Yerushalmi card but might want a discount on sifrei kodesh too.