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Jewish Woman in Bridal Gown Banned from Har Habayis by Israel Police

hhaIsrael Police has announced a new regulation, prohibiting a woman from visiting the holy site dressed in a bridal gown for police feel wearing such a dress is provocative.

A kallah arrived at the holy site on Wednesday morning 13 Menachem Av, dressed in her white gown. It is pointed out she was not the first kallah dressed in her gown to visit Har Habayis, but police have decided this is no longer permitted. Police told the young lady on Wednesday morning if she wishes to enter the holy site she must change clothing since the gown is provocative. Last week police instructed a woman to remove her menorah earrings if she wanted to enter the site.

Yael Chavilov, who heads Women for the Mikdosh sent an angry letter to Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan seeking an explanation for this new regulation, which she calls “absurd”, questioning the rationale behind preventing a kallah from visiting Har Habayis. She cites other examples in which others were instructed to remove tee shirts and other articles of clothing viewed as provocative by police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. does this kallah already want to start out her life with the koreis banner waving overhead????

  2. I agree – people Jews shouldn’t be banned based on what they’re wearing. They should be banned from entering Har HaBayis, period. Aside from the chiyuv kares that those participating in such actions incur (according to the vast majority of the Gedolai HaPoskim of recent generations), they incite Arab violence against themselves and against all of us. And all this for what?!

  3. This “minhag” is absurd. When did the custom begin? When the Bais Hamikdash was around, no Kalla came to visit on the day of her wedding wearing her gown. Besides being a total lack of Tznius, it is also a lack of Seichel.

  4. You are not allowed go there anyway so what does it make a difference whether she wearing akalla dress or not you still can’t go there anyway

  5. Actually not getting involved, it was a custom for many people on the day of their wedding to visit the har habayit. They would walk the opposite way of the people exiting and when they asked why, the bride or groom would announce it was because they were getting married that day and the people have them brachot for a happy and successful marriage. Do your homework.

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