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Yitzchok Saftlas Invites Ira Zlotowitz as Guest on 77WABC’s “Mind Your Business” Radio Show Tonight

image001As Eastern Union’s success skyrockets, we will be asking Ira Zlotowitz to share his inordinate ability to grow businesses with others. As it seems, new hires and business owners all over are biting. “With these new initiatives, our goal is to IY’H double or triple business within the next two years. Since we launched these new initiatives the playing field is wide open, and we will capitalize on it,” says Ira Zlotowitz. “I will personally train new hires with the same initial, formal training as I did the original top brokers when they joined the firm.”

In line with his recently launched training courses in real estate finance, we’ll be asking Ira, President of Eastern Union, to to share some of his incredible insights with wider audiences on the renowned radio station, 77WABC. This promises to be an incredible opportunity to learn from a giant amongst real estate moguls, deep in the industry of Commercial Real Estate Finance which closes $400 billion annually.

Yitzchok Saftlas, president of Bottom Line Marketing Group and Radio Show Host of the “Mind Your Business” Talk show on WABC urges others to gain from these rare moments. “It’s a real opportunity!” he enthuses animatedly with a grin. And with good reason – the show promises to share the latest trends in the real estate industry, as well as practical advice for any business, much the way our previous shows with the likes of Uber generated excitement and practical knowledge in their respective industries. .

Be sure not to miss it. Join Ira and Yitzchok on the WABC AM770 “Mind Your Business” talk show tonight, Sunday, August 2nd from 11PM-12AM.

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