Jerusalem Municipally Razes an Illegal Building



The Jerusalem Municipality on Monday morning 2 Elul demolished an illegal structure built on Zichron Yaakov Street in the Mattersdorf neighborhood. City inspectors arrived at the scene last week to inspect the 300 sq. meter structure.

City officials’ report a resident squatted on the land, owned in part by the Israel Lands Administration since 2002. The person placed a caravan on 10 square meters and has since added a 10 square meter cement foundation.

In the summer of 2013 a request was filed with a court to issue a demolition order including the caravan and cement platform. During the period between the issuance of the demolition order and January 2014, additional building was added, reaching 300 square meters. The city moved in on Monday and removed the contents and caravan, which are being stored, and destroyed the remains of the illegal structure.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: City Housing Enforcement Unit)


  1. This area is a dump. The lead picture accurately depicts that. It is tragic that the local residents fail to maintain the image of what a Torah community should look like. This is no less of a chiyuv than any other of the inyanim that this community is makpid about.

  2. This area is not a dump. The lead picture shows the area after the building was demolished and before it was cleaned up. I live right down the block and the area is very nicely kept up.

  3. I live in this area. There is more to this story than is being printed. For years the area was taken over by the most unsavory looking characters and conducted a suspicious “egg” business very secretly -probably as a front for other things. Huge trucks parked in frint of the illegal structure blocking views and activities going on there even at late hours of the night. All kinds of rumors were going around. Slowly but surely the surrounding grounds were taken over and vision was blocked. I very often thought of tiping off police but i was actually afraid of reprecusions. Good riddance to these guys and it should bring an aliya to our community.