Jerusalem Inaugurates its First ‘Pacifier Tree’


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1Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was on hand with sixty children as they inaugurated the city’s first pacifier tree. The children participating in the event hung their pacifiers on the tree, part of a project to assist children in breaking away from their trusted friend. The mayor assisted the little ones in tying their pacifiers onto the tree which stands proudly outside the well-baby clinic at 4 Eliezer HaGadol Street in the Gonim neighborhood of the city.

In preparation for the event the children tied their pacifiers onto strings, which were then attached to the tree.

To express their gratitude to the mayor for assisting them in breaking the habit, the children prepared a mug decorated with beads and pacifiers. The mayor told participants that he feels it is not only important to invest in the adults, but in the children too, trying to show them that they are growing up and no long just little children, but big children.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo: Hadar Levi)