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Deri Likely to Sabotage Government’s Natural Gas Deal

deriBarring a change of heart, Economy Minister Aryeh Deri has announced he is not going to sign off on the cabinet-approved natural gas deal. From Deri’s part, he wishes to see the new Israel Antitrust Authority director handle the matter, explaining the nation has been waiting since 2010 and it can wait a little longer.

The director of the authority stepped down in May 2015 and his replacement is yet to be selected. If Deri signs off on the deal, it permits the cabinet to circumvent the Antitrust Authority and move ahead but he has announced he will not do so. Deri is aware that if voted upon in Knesset next week the natural gas plan is expected to pass but he nevertheless wants to wait until a new director of the authority is appointed. There are 22 individuals vying for the post but Deri feels it is only a matter of weeks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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