VIDEO: Yosi Piamenta’s Loved Ones Speak About His Legacy Following His Funeral


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Yosi Piamenta’s sons speak about his life in this video from Arutz Sheva after his funeral. One son talks about his music and how many people he touched. He talked about how people who listened to his music became religious after listening to it.

Another son said he will continue his mission.

A man who used to work with Yosi Piamenta for 18 years spoke about how he tried to make people happy.

Watch the video here:


  1. I was one of the many, whose souls were touched by Yossi. He played at family Simchas, and at our bungalow colony, Green Tree Acres. Yossi was very spiritual and conveyed Holiness to those who were receptive. I was deeply saddened to hear the news. I will always cherish the Chumash he gave me at his son’s Kossel Bar Mitzvah. Yossi you live on through your music and every Erev Shabbat you transport my soul to a higher place. Thank You!