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PHOTO: Jerry Nadler Says He’s Hurt By Criticism On His Iran Position, So Dov Hikind Sent Him This Card

hIn light of Congressman Nadler’s reaction to being stunned and hurt by criticism of his support for the Iran deal, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-NY), whose district overlaps with Nadler, has sent him a card and stuffed teddy bear to express his sympathies. In a Facebook post, Hikind wrote:

“Congressman Nadler has taken a position on the Iran deal, one to which most of our community is opposed, and is now surprised that people are angry? Nadler tells reporters that it bothers him that people have said, ‘You betrayed us’ and that, ‘of course it hurts. It’s emotional.’”

“Jerry, you’re hurting? We’re hurting because of what you did. And now you whine to the ADL, who releases a statement condemning vicious Internet commentators. People have been writing nasty things about me since I was first elected. When you take a position of such consequence, stand by your position. Stop whining, Jerry.”

“I in no way condone anti-Semitic or racist comments on social media. But our community has the right to express outrage over the decisions of our elected representatives. The President set the tone for this hateful rhetoric with nefarious characterizations coming from the administration and various surrogates that depict opposition to the agreement in overt anti-Semitic tones. When the President says that those opposing the deal are ‘lobbyists’ that are ‘backed by tens of millions of dollars in advertising’ and the same people who argued for the war in Iraq, there can be no mistaking what this means.”

“I remain hopeful that Congressman Nadler will change his mind.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

16 Responses

  1. Nadler is caught between his loyalty to the President and to his constituents. What he fails to consider is that he made the choice to follow the direction of the President, based on a letter full of promises. That same President has one of the most dismal failure rates in history for keeping promises. Furthermore, the more we learn about the Iran deal, the more it is apparent to everyone that it is bad. Nadler does not know more about the deal than we do. It is his allegiance that is being attacked, and for very good reason. I agree with Hikind, that it is time for us to put other candidates into office, and get rid of this Obama parrot. It is not good for the country, and it is a fatal error for us. May we be zocheh to see Nadler change his career, and may it not be one where he has power of decision on matters that involve the Jewish community. He is only an echo for the Obama machine, which is disgraceful to Israel, Jews world over, and Americans who cherish their freedoms and moral values.

  2. Mr. Nadler, with all due respect, you were voted to be a representative of your constituents. We obviously don’t agree with this agreement. So who do you think you are to represent us with this vote? Either change your vote, or change your career.

  3. I am sorry, I disagree with Dov Hikind on this one. He is right that our “commander in chief” (or maybe we should be calling him the “supreme leader” like in Iran)has turned this whole debate into a name calling and my way or the highway debate as well as possibly a Jew vs non-Jew issue, which inevitably brings tremendous Anti-Semitism to the fore. At the same time, I don’t think we can force a politician to vote one way or another, even if he is elected by us. He has to vote based on what he feels is best for THIS country at the end of the day. I just hope that is what he’s doing and not just following the wagging tail of Mr. Osama. We definitely have no right to insult an elected politician based on his political vote or views. It still is a free country. Let us leave the strong-handed tactics to the dictator in the White House. Do we really want to act exactly as that lunatic did when Chuck Schumer “insulted” him by saying he intends to vote no? I think not.

  4. Uncle mo you r an idiot. He’s not voting his mind or his constituents wants. He’s voting party line. Plan and simple. Fats should be ashamed of himself and stop talking about his Jewishness. Guess he would have voted with the democrTes to keep us our of WWII as well

  5. Gotta love it. Had a good laugh.

    To all you Nadler apologists: The fat pervert should of been thrown out years ago when he joined and supported the radical militant homosexual community. He even boasts about his involvement with the LGBT community on his website. Even with all the recent revelations that “Planned Parenthood” was gruesomely selling body parts, fat Jerry has stated he still supports Planned Parenthood and will CONTINUE to fund them with OUR tax dollars!

    The problem is, it will be very difficult to run a different candidate against him. The few voters in Boro Park (MOST are not even registered!) will not sway the elections. His Liberal “constituents” in Manhattan, which is by far the majority, will be good Democrats and circle the wagons for him. They couldn’t care less about those pesky Jews or Israel. That was always the same issue with Shelly Silver. We are outnumbered by Democrats 5 to 1. Too bad there are no term limits.

  6. @#4. “Either change your vote, or change your career.”

    You left out a much easier option. His constituents dont vote for him again.

  7. O we have to feel bad for Nadler, Why?

    He wants to vote on something that will put millions of people in danger, so he can pander to the worst President in history, aginst the will of the people that voted for him, and we should feel bad?

    He should be voted out of office for 2 reasons
    1. He voted against the people who voted for him (not because he believes in his vote, because of pressure from the white house)
    2. If he believed in his vote, that sayas that he is SOOOO Stupid to fall for such a stupid deal, where the Iranians can inspect themselves etc…

    Someone that can vote for a deal like this is STUPID beyond fixing!!!

  8. Uncle Mo has a point, and maybe we all ought to think seriously about Aliyah. Ain Od Milvado. When I read the hateful comments on nn Jewish blogs, that this issue brought about, I see clear hatred and willingness to destroy Jews by many. Not only nationalities who are our known enemies.

  9. UncleMo:

    You are totally wrong on this. In a true democracy, the people govern themselves. As a representative government, we collectively send someone there to act on our behalf. The bills that come before our legislative branches of government that do not get the light to the public present a problem. The elected representative has no idea what the constituents want, so he has to use his own judgment. The good and moral representative will keep his pulse on the community so that he knows how to best represent them. In this case, the issue was public, and everyone had access to the entire “deal”, including the side deals that came to light that are horrendous. But Nadler ignored us, and yielded to arm twisting by Obama. The rage from the community has been earned, and the attacks in the media are justified. You are correct – it is a free country. It is shame that we cannot petition for a recall election to throw him out of Congress.

  10. Uncle Mo, you are wrong. They DO represent us. Normally, the staff keeps tracks of the calls, and the vote based on that.
    They work for US, we, the people.
    When they forget, we fire them.
    I live in Virginia’s 7th district. I can’t tell you how many times we called Eric’s office, and he voted contrary to our wishes. Last year we fired him, and the GOP still doesn’t get it. When you don’t do the will of the people, you are no longer fit for office.

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