Defense Minister Ya’alon: We Must Stop the Attacks Against Chareidi Soldiers


idffDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated that the verbal and physical attacks against chareidi inductees into the IDF and IDF soldiers are intolerable and they must be stopped. Defense Ministry officials are calling for a tenacious effort by police and other law enforcement agencies.

Ya’alon stated “We mustn’t accept this situation and the law-breakers and those who send them must be stopped”. The senior minister feels that those involved represent a small fringe faction of the frum community.

“We in the defense establishment and the IDF are careful to act with sensitivity, moderation and tolerance and not with hate and incitement but with dialogue with heads of the chareidi society and its young people. This has proven itself year after year” he added.

Ya’alon calls on leaders of the chareidi tzibur to denounce those who take part in the attacks. His comments followed an unpleasant recent incident when chareidi inductees were the recipients of angry shouts and verbal abuse by chareidim opposed to their joining the military.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Good Luck DM Yaalon.

    What a nes if u can stop incitement towards soldiers??? & maybe get the CHAREDI leadership & Rabbonim onboard too? Starting with posters, pamphlets & speeches!

  2. All they have to do is to abolish conscription. As long as the government is trying to conscript Jews who object to serving in the IDF on halachic grounds, those who oppose serving in the army will perceive those who do serve as traitors. However as long as the Medinah is engaging in a war against the Hareidim, not to mention running a very anti-Torah secular state in which even religious zionists are subject to discrimination, you can’t really expect the hareidim to be passive in opposing the state.

  3. The “chardakim” cartoons and pamphlets that get sprinkled over the sidewalks in the geula area are a bizyon and a huge chillul hashem. Nobody would confuse me for being pro-army but the hatred here is truly disgusting and I would be ecstatic to hear the gedolim denounce such childish and awful behavior. Unfortunately I doubt it will happen…