VIDEO: An Embarrassment: Arab Women Attack an IDF Soldier


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The video shows a number of Arab women attacking an IDF soldier from an elite unit, whose face is covered during operations to protect his identity.

The soldier appears helpless as they attack him. The attack occurred on Friday, 13 Elul, in the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Nabei Salah in the Ramallah district. The soldier was violently attack by the women as they were operating in the area to arrest suspects allegedly involved in rock-throwing attacks.

The video has been making the rounds in social networking platforms. The IDF spokesman confirms the soldiers were attacked with rocks and they were in the process of arresting suspects when the attack occurred.

One can also see the press present, which complicates the lives of soldiers for if they respond with force, which the attacking women hope will be the case, the worldwide condemnations will be heard and the soldier is likely to pay the price.

Arnon, the soldier’s father, spoke with Galei Yisrael Radio on Sunday morning 5 Elul. He explained he is proud of his son for exhibiting the restraint he did under the circumstances. He explains if he son responded as he knows how, the situation would be aired in an entirely different light and this was the best possible outcome.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Chilling video!
    So sad that these soldiers have to deal with this! And the press; they should all be expelled. They’re intent on showing one side!
    Just curious, why was he alone?

  2. Is YWN saying it’s embarrassing what the women are doing or what the soldier is doing? The soldier is holding a little kid in a choke hold, that’s showing restraint? You make yourself look silly when anything Tzahal does is OK. This is a joke.

  3. @ 2 That “little kid” is rock throwing animal who doesn’t deserve “restraint”. Stop being a self hating Jew it’s sickening!

  4. I’m not sure what YWN finds embarrassing about the video. The soldier caught a kid who had been throwing stones and when some females came to the kid’s assistance and hit the soldier – the soldier didn’t hit them back. Nu, the IDF trains its soldiers not to hit women (which the women obviously know very well). Sure, if his life had been in danger or if they were protecting a wanted terrorist he would have been warranted in using force against them but he had only caught some kid who would have been released anyway and was in no danger to his life. The soldier was a mensch and behaved in accordance with his training and orders. What’s the problem?

    #2- The restraint was against the women. As for the kid, he had been throwing stones at soldiers and was resisting arrest. A choke-hold is perfectly appropriate for such a situation.

  5. #2 The soldier was arresting the boy for throwing rocks and rioting the women somehow separated him from the rest of the IDF troops and they were attacking him. He would not leave the rioter, nor did he use his weapons to kill the ladies. There was a news item that this was posted on Al-Jazeera and some Arabs were impressed with his restraint, and others were appalled at the women fighting and not the men. There was no easy out for this soldier. Being that this soldier was rescued, unharmed (I hope) This was truly the best scenario from a PR perspective