Chareidi Kindergartens in Givat Mordechai Striking on Sunday, Opening Day


strikeParents of the four chareidi kindergartens in the Givat Mordechai neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sunday, 15 Elul, kept their children at home to protest conditions.

One parent, Mrs. Miri Steinberger explains there are four classes, two for boys and two for girls, each with 35 children. Mrs. Steinberger stresses that while regulations permit classes up to 35 children, this is the case in authorized kindergartens that have the space and facilities, which is not the case in her child’s kindergarten, which is situated in a converted apartment. “My daughter is packed in like a sardine and I am not willing to tolerate this another year” she explains.

Mrs. Steinberger insists the battle is not just due to the space, but points out there are safety issues, calling the kindergarten “substandard”.

Kol Chai

This problem is not just in your community or Jerusalem. Look at Kiryat Yovel, where they do not permit the opening of a chareidi elementary school so children have to go to Bayit Vegan. The situation is less than perfect in many areas.

Regarding Givat Mordechai, you must understand it is not an exclusively chareidi area and as a result, resources are limited. This is the reality. The same holds true in Kyrat Yovel.

Mrs. Steinberger

I understand what you are saying but I, as a parent I am not willing to remain silent and unwilling to permit my child to spend another year in such harsh, dangerous and unacceptable conditions.

A city official, a religious person with a black yarmulke, told me ‘Ma’am, it is your problem that you opted for chareidi education system. If you would send your children to the dati leumi system you would not have these problems’. I do not wish to mention names on the air.

I sat with Tzvika Cohen [who holds the chareidi education portfolio in Jerusalem] and he agreed, telling me “someone upstairs has it in for you and there is nothing I can do”.

The battle for the chareidi community in the predominately dati leumi neighborhood of the capital began a few years ago. Angry parents explain that other than promises, they receive little else from city officials.

City Hall responded to the report, explaining officials are well-aware of the situation and the grievances from parents and every effort is being made to find a mutually agreeable solution, working with chareidi elected officials in City Hall.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There should be a solution for every school except if the school just began or is only 1-3 years old, how can the municipality have built or secured adequate space in such a rushed time span.