Trump Says He Would Improve Iran Deal, Not Repudiate It


truRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump says it would make no sense to “repudiate” the nuclear arms deal with Iran.

Speaking about the agreement to rein in Tehran’s nuclear program, the billionaire real estate mogul calls it “a horrible contract” and says he’d work to improve it if elected.

Trump tells MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program he feels qualified because “I do like to buy bad contracts.”

He repeats his charge that the deal was “negotiated by totally incompetent people.” Trump says in Friday’s interview that Iran “is going to be an absolute terror,” predicting Tehran would use money from sanctions relief to create instability in the region.

Trump says that if elected, “I will make that agreement so tough that if they break it, they will have hell to pay.”



  1. He has explained his position a number of times. He doesnt like it one bit however he’s currently of the opinion that the deal can’t be broken so he’ll fix it somehow. He’s says if it cant be fixed, it’s gone and if Iran violates it, they’re done.