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PHOTOS: Iconic ‘Noi Sukkah’ of The Holy Chofetz Chaim Has Arrived


Remember how the iconic images of the Chofetz Chaim rocked the Frum world this past year? This Yom Tov Sukkos, adorn your sukkah with a breathtaking portrait taken from this video.

This magnificent poster is available at Mefoar Judaica in Boro Park & Williamsburg, Bais Haseforim in Monsey, and Judaica Plaza in Lakewood.

Get this amazing Noi Sukkah while it’s still in stock.

IMG_0535 IMG_0538 IMG_0540 IMG_0543 IMG_0553 IMG_0556 IMG_0558 IMG_0562 IMG_0564 IMG_0565

6 Responses

  1. Childishly written and wrongly. Make an article about it not a bandwagon advert. Speak maturely people would buy more.Now the mistakes 1-sounds like noi sukka from Chofetz Chaim ‘s sukka.Furthermore although the concept of seeing our Tzaddikim in pictures can be also noi sukka lowering to the level of just being referred to as noi sukka cheapens it greatly. 2-Icons and holy are words used in connection with American culture and idol worship.In general Chofetz Chaim ztl is called Rabbeinu and holy was used here for hype.If that name will be used keep to Hakadosh which is also a true description often used for the Chofetz Chaim.

  2. @Bogen – Maybe, sdd doesn’t know how to create a color shot of the photo. Maybe sdd doesn’t have the means to create a still frame from the video. Maybe sdd can’t print and if he can maybe he can’t enlarge. Then again, if someone can do all these things I guess they can feel free assuring those who did so before him making a considerable investment of time and money, will not make back their money back.

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