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Sunday 28 Tishrei Terror Briefs from Israel (08:00-16:00)

par· Massive rock-throwing attacks on Hwy. 443, the Jerusalem-Modi’in Highway.

· Due to security crisis, IDF pushing off planned ceremony to change S. District Commander.

· The terrorist from this AM’s Maale Adumim area atack is reporetdly a 31-year-old residents of Yericho.

· 10:00: Approximately 30 Gazans protested along border fence near Eretz. IDF soldiers fired in the air to disperse them.

· 10:10: A 17-year-old resident of Kalkilye with a knife in his hands was taken into custody in Bnei Brak.

· 10:19: Arab violence continues along areas of the Gaza border to S. Israel.

· 10:21: Arab Members of Knesset decided to abandon planned visit to Harr Habayis this morning.

· 11:29: Light weapons fire from Gaza strikes the windshield of a vehicle near Kissufim. B’chasdei Hashem no fatalities or injuries.

· 11:27: Rock-throwing between Small and Large Yitzchak Junctions in Shomron. Earlier, rock attacks near Halhul Bridge N. of Hebron.

· 11:50: An Arab youth carrying a knife was placed under arrest in the Afula Central Bus Station.

· 11:58: Metallic marbles fired at civilian security vehicle between Tunnel Road Checkpoint and Har Gilo Road.

· 11:59: Arab sources reporting confrontation with Israeli security troops at Tulkarem.

· 12:01: 700 trucks loaded with goods scheduled to pass from Israel into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom Crossing today.

· 12:32: At least 3 Arabs wounded in heavy clashes between Arabs and security forces in Tulkarem.

· 12:56: Rocks hurled at IDF bus in Hebron.

· 13:00: Dozens of Gazans protesting and confronting soldiers along the Gaza border in the Nachal Ohz area.

· 13:01: Rock attacks at Parsa Junction.

· 13:03: Yahrzeit at Kever Shimon HaTzaddik will take place at the tziyun as planned despite security crisis. Heavy security presence will accompany the day at the tziyun.

· 13:20: A terrorist who hurled rocks was shot and moderately wounded by security forces near Yitzhar.

· 13:37: Two damaged from rocks near Beit Omer.

· 13:53: Israeli Arab sector declares a general strike for Tuesday, 30 Tishrei in solidarity with al-Aqsa including all businesses and schools.

· 14:31: Arab set a number of fires near Yishuv Tapuach which are spreading towards the Jewish community.

· 15:02: A vehicle was bombarded with rocks in the Halhul area north of Hebron.

· 15:06: A person was lightly wounded by rocks arrives at the sentry post of Karmei Tzur.

· A rally in support of the government scheduled for Sunday night at Kikar Rabin in Tel Aviv.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Arsb mustbe all evicted. HaShem commanded us”If you do not evict them, theynshall become as thorns in your eyes and as sharp instruments(knives) in your sides.”(Bahmidbahr Chapter 33, Verses 50 onwards).

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